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Sport is pure excitement – and betting live with others even more so. BOXWARE Software delivers everything for the perfect local betting shop: well-thought-out hardware, top components and an unsurpassed user-friendly system for a phenomenal betting experience.

Automatic betting machine

The automatic betting machine makes it possible to accept sports bets from the eBET system without staff and to simultaneously connect up to four information screens. Your customers securely and intuitively enter their bets via the 24” touchscreen, independently of the eBET POS system. The optional integrated document reader quickly and automatically captures pre-completed betting cards. The played ticket can be immediately issued via a thermal printer and can be scanned at the automatic betting machine at any time to see whether it’s a winner.


  • eBETTerminal Software*
  • eBETInfo Software** with the option to connect four additional information screens
  • 24” touchscreen monitor for easy operation
  • Powerful coin and bank note verifiers
  • Epson thermal printer for ticket issue
  • Linear barcode scanner
  • Optional: document reader for capturing betting cards
  • Ashtray & cup holder
  • Up to 2 years’ warranty


Clean design. Highly secure yet designed for easy maintenance. The BOOXWARE automatic betting machine is completely built on quality. The selected hardware components are made by reputable manufacturers and designed for continuous operation. They are continuously monitored by our software and doubly secured. Naturally, the operator also has access to an extensive administration area.

In addition to placing bets, it is possible to retrieve results and statistics and to check betting slips (won/lost/still in evaluation). Holders of loyalty cards can quickly and easily call up their account balance and check the status of open bets.


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